The PhD in Engineering, is the result of the study and analysis of the international environment according to which it is manifested that today we live an economy based on information, knowledge and innovation where the changing flow of new knowledge, becomes the dominant segment of the life of contemporary societies. This program aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge in different fields of Engineering, and thus contribute to the technological revolution of today.


The name of the curricular project is Doctorate in Engineering, which was initially created with the emphasis on "Science of Information and Knowledge" and now has the emphasis on "Electrical and Electronic Engineering" supported by research groups categorized by Colciencias, recognized nationally and internationally, with extensive experience and members of important global knowledge networks.

The Doctorate in Engineering of the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas, is classified in accordance with Law 30 of 1992, in its articles 10° and 13°, in the category of postgraduate curricular project, tending to the improvement of the training as researchers, in two disciplines and/or in related and complementary areas. Likewise, Decree 1295 of April 20, 2010 in its Chapter VII - Article 25, defines the nature of a Doctoral program in its purpose of training researchers with the capacity to carry out and guide autonomously academic and research processes in a specific area of knowledge and develop, strengthen or deepen competences of this level of training.

Applicant profile

The PhD in Engineering has a research approach, which implies that its entry profile focuses on the scientific and technological contributions that the applicant can achieve at the end of the training process.

The program is aimed at engineers and professionals related to the emphasis of the Doctorate in Engineering, with full-time dedication, who have a master's degree in research, as well as basic experience as a researcher to work in the different areas of the Doctorate. It is essential to have and demonstrate solid foundations in the emphasis that is expected to be studied, since the program seeks to expand and develop knowledge, for the solution of problems related to the sciences and technologies of the field of engineering and also to provide future doctors with the basic instruments that enable them as researchers in the areas of context of research object of the doctorate.