Admission process for PhD in engineering for 2023 year

Admission calendar:

MARCH 14 Admissions opening
SEPTEMBER 30 Deadline for applications and receipt of documents 
OCTOBER 10 TO 14 Second language proficiency examination 
NOVEMBER 8 TO 11 Interviews
DECEMBER 2 Publication of results
Result admissions 2023-I

Application Requirements:

  • Application form (Complete and submit online application)
  • ID document
  • Pay and submit application fee
  • Research project endorsed by a professor from the Department of Doctorate in Engineering**, must include the proposed structure in the doctoral proposal format (Word PDF LaTeX). The Applicant must have a meeting with the research group or groups and the director of the doctoral thesis project, in order to identify in their lines of research the possibilities of articulation with the thesis proposal. The above, without commitment of acceptance.
  • Resume - Outline your education, research experience, work experience, publications in academic journals, prizes and honours received, and any other extracurricular activities. 
  • University, undergraduate and master's degrees, issued by an institution duly recognized by the MEN or validated by the same ministry (indispensable: All applicants must have a research master's degree)

All students must demonstrate or develop proficiency at an intermediate level or higher in a language other than the local language.

Name of the program Doctorate in engineering 
SNIES 101686
MEN Resolution 4671 - 7 de mayo de 2012
  • Knowledge and information science 
  • Electric and electronics engineering 
Degree obtained Engineering doctor
Program attached to Faculty of engineering 
Program methodology On-site
Field of study Engineering, architecture, urbanism and related
Estimated duration of the program 3-5 years
Admissions periodicity Annually 
Start date of the program  second semester of 2022
Amount of academic credits 100 credits
Tuition price: Total amount depends on the amount of registered credit, each credit has a price of 0.5 current minimum legal wage


**Important: in order to be accepted into the program an approval is required from a full professor with a phd title. If admitted, this professor will be your thesis director. To get this endorsement we suggest you to get in contact with a professor who has an adequate profile in accordance with your research topic. (teacher list) Normally this process takes some time and it requires to work together with the assigned professor until both agree with the research. Because of this we invite you to take a look at the professor's profile and seek for the most adequate for your research.

Research proposal format (download format as Word PDF LaTeX)

Keep in mind:

  • The doctorate requires full time dedication, however basic subjects usually are taught at the morning (6am -12pm)
  • The price is 0.5 current minimum legal wage s for each academic credit and it will be 100 credits in total, the price of the semester will depend on the number of registered credits.
  • The beginning of the course will be on the first months of 2023. 
  • To contact the professors you may send them an email by following this link teacher list
  • If you have any questions, please get in contact with us to the following email