Emphasis on Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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    Plan General de estudios

    This curriculum incorporates and associates the areas of research context, which constitute the secondary areas of study of the Doctorate and are the basis of the problems addressed by the research works that will be carried out by the candidates for the doctorate, which is why they have been associated with courses and / or elective seminars that must be taken to deepen the development of a doctoral thesis that provides solutions to the different problems of the country within the framework of these areas of engineering.

    Given the nature of annual entry to the Doctoral curricular project, the curriculum is presented by years, although the courses are planned to be carried out semiannually, taking into account the academic flexibility and compatibility so that students can take some courses in the Masters of the Faculty of Engineering that support the Doctorate. Such courses correspond to electives of areas of research context. Hence, the intensity of most courses in these areas of context is 4 academic credits for ease of being taken per semester.

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