Énfasis en Ciencia de la Información y el Conocimiento

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    Plan General de estudios

    As stated in the name of the program, cognitive and epistemological competences of information and knowledge science, on which the doctorate relies on, express the interdisciplinary nature of the program which must be engaged in any program that seeks to contribute to the satisfaction of the necessities of the research and technological innovation of the country.

    The interdisciplinarity of the program is related to: Digital processing of images or signals, nanotechnology and nanoscience, next generation networks, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, geomatic and geographic science, organization engineering, organization intelligence and business intelligence. All of these, as their name states, belong to different disciplines of engineering; they are very related, but also they have a common component which relates them around the concepts of information and knowledge.

    These areas in the context of research, have led to the definition and adaptation of elective seminars and courses, each of which are supported by regular professors, whose profiles and research experience may help with the development of proficiencies on the doctoral students.

    In addition, these areas in the context of research, allow for even more variety and integrity with the emphasis of Master of Engineering which is related with the Doctorate.

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