Énfasis en Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica

    Plan General de Estudios
    Cuadro Plan General de Estudios
    Plan General de estudios

    This curriculum incorporates and associates the areas of research, which constitute the field of study which is secondary to the doctorate and those which are the basis for the problems engaged by the research projects that will be made by the candidates for the Doctorate, because of this the candidates will be taking elective courses and seminars which must be cursed in order to deepen into the knowledge for developing a doctoral thesis that provides with solutions for the diverse problems of the country.

    Given the nature of the curricular project ingress, which is yearly, the curriculum is presented each year. Although every course is planned to be taken semiannually, taking into consideration the academic flexibility so the students are able to attend some courses in the Master programs of the faculty. These courses must be subjects in the field of research context; hence the intensity of these courses is only 4 academic credits, which is made to make them easier to attend each semester.

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