1. Can the Doctorate in Engineering be taken virtually or in person?
    The Modality of the program is designed to be taken in a traditional classroom, it is suggested to have at least forty (40) hours per week for your doctoral research, a commitment that must be signed with the first registration.
  2. How can I access information related to the curriculum, research lines, research groups, professional profile, and professors?
    All information related to particular aspects of the Doctorate in Engineering must be consulted by the candidate, on the website https://doctoradoingenieria.udistrital.edu.co,  or writing to the email   doctoradoing@udistrital.edu.co  or in the office of the program coordination: Carrera 7 # 40B – 53 piso 4.
  3. What is the cost of the registration?, Which steps do I have to follow to register?, Which are the registration dates?
    Cost: The cost of the Registration to the Doctorate in Engineering and according to the PECUNIARY RIGHTS YEAR 2021, is $ 121,100 
    Registration process: The steps to follow are published on the website  (https://doctoradoingenieria.udistrital.edu.co/) in the Admissions section

    Dates of the admissions process:
    • AUGUST 2nd: Start of Registration (LINK)
    • SEPTEMBER 10: End of registrations and end of delivery of documentation
    • OCTOBER 4th TO 8th: Second Language Exam (English Level B1)
    • NOVEMBER 8th TO 12: Interviews
    • DICIEMBRE 3: Publication of results. The steps to follow are published on the website
  4. Where can I make the payment of the registration fees?
    By 2021 you must enter in the savings account No. 230-81461-8 Banco de Occidente, code 12, factor 4, the value of $ 121,100. You can also consult the website (admissions section) - there you will find the information on pecuniary rights 2021.
  5. How much does the PhD program in Engineering cost?
    The PhD in Engineering program has 100 academic credits, each credit has a cost of 0.55 SMMLV.
  6. What is the duration of the Doctorate in Engineering?
    The program is designed to be completed in three (3) years from the academic period in which the student entered. At the end of this period you can request a maximum of 2 years of extension (by a justified request with the Curricular Council)
  7. Can I enroll in the Doctorate in Engineering with a professional master's degree?
    No. In accordance with the regulations (Agreement 04 of February 14, 2018) of the Program CHAPTER FIFTH-STUDENTS, Article 23 of the Registration, the Certificate of Qualifications is requested, issued by the Institution where the candidate completed his master's degree in research, and a copy of the minutes of undergraduate degree and Research Master's degree, issued by the corresponding Institution.
  8. Which discounts apply to the PhD program?
    The discounts that may be applicable in the Doctorate in Engineering, as long as they have not been used in another postgraduate program, according to Agreement 004 of January 25 of the Superior Council and according to Agreement 010 of November 7th, 2006 of the Academic Council.
    10% discount: Applies to People who have voted in the last electoral period. Requires a copy of the electoral certificate of the last voting period (Applicable in any program regardless of having been previously applied).
    30% discount: Applies to students graduated from the District University. To maintain this discount you must have a grade of 4.0 or higher in each subject seen.
    50% discount: Applies to students who have been monitor, to be a creditor of this discount it is essential to present the original certification by the academic secretary.
    100% discount: Applies to official  staff of the District University or scholarship holders for their performance in the ECAES test Graduates of the Francisco José de Caldas District University (to maintain ECAES or SABER PRO scholarship must have a grade of 4.0 or higher in each subject seen).
  9. Is it possible to homologate credits of academic spaces studied in my master's degree?
    It is possible to homologate the credits of academic spaces corresponding to the basic formation phase (except research seminars) and of the context of research in engineering, of master's degrees or related doctorates, studied at the Francisco José de Caldas District University or other Universities recognized by the Ministry of National Education (MNE), in accordance with the guidelines and the approval of the Council of the Doctorate in Engineering.
  10. Where can I take the internship required in the Doctorate?
    According to the regulations (Agreement 04 of February 14, 2018) CHAPTER FIFTH-STUDENTS, Article 37°. Of the internship. The internship is an academic space in doctoral formation, in which the student must carry out a series of academic activities that contribute to the development of the thesis and therefore form an integral part of the academic activities of their curriculum. Therefore, it is the autonomy of the thesis supervisor to choose in agreement with his student, the research group or the place, as well as the time of its realization. Paragraph 1. The internship must be taken at a university, institution or research center of high prestige preferably abroad, in which the student must be welcomed by a Doctor.
  11. How long does the internship last?
    According to Article 40° Of the duration of the internship. The minimum time of dedication to the internship is 576 hours that corresponds to 12 credits, as established by the Ministry of Education and the regulations established by the Francisco José de Caldas District University, which is equivalent to a minimum of twelve (12) weeks (48 hours per week) of autonomous work in presential mode.
  12. Can I apply for Scholarships offered by Minciencias?The Doctorate in Engineering does not offer scholarships directly, however it can be applied to these through the Ministry of Science.
    To this end, it has an expert team that accompanies students in the application process and facilitates the institutional support of various units.