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  • NOMBRE DE TESIS DOCTORAL: An Attitude Control System for Cubesat Satellites Using an Adaptive L1 Norm Control Method
  • AUTOR: César A. Castellanos G.
  • DIRECTOR: Dr. Carlos Suárez F.
  • Resumen::

    This research explored an alternative solution to the problem of satellite attitude control using a control method that makes Robust the Control maneuvers and that can handle system dynamics uncertainties. A method is understood as an ordered set of actions performed in conceived sequences for reaching a given objective. In that sense a technique is understood as the knowledge required to perform or implement a subset of actions within a method. After exploring different Control methods, the so called L1 Norm Adaptive Control method and corresponding techniques were identified as most suitable for managing model uncertainties   and fast adaptation to parameter variations making the system robust. In principle, actuators of Magnetorque type, were considered as part of the control system following research done by [Wisniewski,1997] and [Cao,2015]. After modeling the satellite attitude dynamics as a rigid body system and applying to it the L1 norm control method, simulation software was developed and corresponding results were obtained. As these results were not considered a good tracking of reference command signals, contradicting authors of reference [Cao 2015], a variant within the frame of L1 Adaptive method was employed to solve the satellite attitude control problem (SACP). This variant has not been employed in the literature for SACP. Eventhough reference command tracking was still unsatisfactory.  Other similar systems were tested, verifying simulation software and L1 norm Adaptive Control implementation against reported simulations in the literature [Kharysov, et al, 2010],[Lavretsky et al, 2008], reproducing their results {Castellanos et al, 2017] . Although L1 filters design and specification for Unmatched nonlinearities remains and open question, Good tracking depends on L1 filtering, and general conclusions for different systems and the type of systems like Satellite Attitude has been obtained. General Modifications to L1 Adaptive Control Algorithm are explored in this thesis in Chapter XIX, and corresponding Simulation Software is developed. A general conclusion balance is expressed in chapter XX. 

    Another Nonlinear Control method was implemented for Satellite Attitude, the so called Sliding Control, following [Wisniewski,1997], and incorporated in an Attitude Determination and Control system, simulation software was developed and corresponding satisfactory command tracking was obtained. Comparison with L1 norm Adaptive is infered.


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